Andi Deris, Vocals (1994-presente)
Michael Weikath, Guitar (comienzo-presente)
Sascha Gerstner, Guitar (2002-presente)
Markus Grosskopf, Bass (comienzo-presente)
Dani Löble, Drums (2005-presente)

Miembros Anteriores

Piet Sielck, Guitar (comienzo-1982)
Kai Hansen, Vocals (comienzo-1986), Guitar (comienzo-1989)
Michael Kiske, Vocals (1987-1993)
Roland Grapow, Guitar (1988-2001)
Ingo Schwichtenberg, Drums (comienzo-1994)
Uli Kusch, Drums (1994-2001)
Mark Cross, Drums (2001-2003)
Stefan Schwarzmann, Drums (2003-2005)

Helloween (1985)

Walls Of Jericho (1985)

Walls Of Jericho [incl. Mini-LP Judas] (1985)

Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I (1987)

Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II (1988)

Pumpkin Tracks (1989)

Live In U.K. (1989)

Pink Bubbles Go Ape (1991)

The Best, The Rest, The Rare (1991)

Chameleon (1993)

Master Of The Rings (1994)

The Time Of The Oath (1996)

High Live (1996)

Better Than Raw (1998)

Karaoke Remix Vol.1 & Vol. 2 (1998)

Pumpkin Box (1998)

Part I
Part II

Metal Jukebox (1999)

The Dark Ride (2000)

Treasure Chest [Limited Edition] (2002)

Part I
Part II

Part III

Buried Treasure (2002)

Rabbit Don't Come Easy (2003)

Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy (2005)

Keeper Of The Seven Keys The Legacy World Tour 2005-2006

Part I
Part II

Gambling With The Devil (2007)

Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary (2010)

Pass: The_Clairvoyant

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